The Basket Case of Pembroke Hill

Of course the vertical transition curve at the top of the hill in Pembroke had to include a turnout.  So I wasn’t surprised when the dust settled after the Battle of Pembroke Hill to find that removing this transition had transformed the turnout into a bit of a basket case.  I was, however, surprised by how much rail needed to be removed – about three quarters of a millimetre.

In any case, bolstered by a couple of pieces of Terry’s chocolate orange that were left over from Christmas, tonight I brought the soldering irons onto the layout along with all my gauges and a truck for testing, and tackled the  case.  The straight stock rail had found its opportunity to shift within the switch, while the curved stock rail popped its glue through the closure of the turnout.  Both closure rails, being short and having substantial gaps around the frog, seemed to be okay.

The Pliobond and solder method of track construction came into its own here.  It was easy to re-heat the bonds to free the rails.  Then I effectively re-laid the stock rails, gauging off the closure rails and the frog.

Basket case of Pembroke Hill

Basket case of Pembroke Hill


3 thoughts on “The Basket Case of Pembroke Hill

  1. Any tips for working with pliobond? I have some and the last time I tried to use it it glooped (to use a technical term 🙂 ) all over the place and made a fairly spectacular mess

    1. Embrace the gloop! Pliobond is just about the only adhesive that works better for me straight from the tube, rather than making a puddle and using a stick to apply it. I apply it straight from the tube, by getting a small amount onto the bottom of the rail and allowing that to sort of draw more out as I pull the tube down the rail. It takes a steady hand and timing. They make a fine tip that you can add to the tube, which might help, but I’ve never managed to purchase one.

      1. I should clarify, it glooped onto everything I wasn’t trying to glue. I’ll have to take another stab at it and see if it fixes my track gluing problem.

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