The Battle of Pembroke Hill

Well, I won’t say it was easy, but I believe I’ve managed to get the roadbed pretty flat through the north end of Pembroke.  As I mentioned, the roadbed was glued and screwed (from above) onto the benchwork, and the screws particularly made the work tough.  I also found that the contortions I had to undergo to work above my workbench were severe (though not as bad as if I’d had to work inside the book shelves).

I had to modify four transverse members of the benchwork.  The two northern-most ones turned out to be relatively easy.  They were screwed to the lower section of the river from below.  So, I cut them with a saber saw just beyond the tracks, and pried them off the river.

The southern members were another matter.  I couldn’t simply cut them vertically or the layout would have fallen apart, and the roadbed was screwed in from above.   I tried cutting the screws with a hacksaw once I found them with my cross-cut saw.  That didn’t work, and I wound up exposing their sides by cutting the benchwork with a knife; I then ground them off with the Dremel.  Two of the enemy casualties are shown below.

The battle of Pembroke Hill

Finally, I had the roadbed free to move up and down, and I needed to shim it up.  I measured and cut some sections of spruce.  The northernmost two are simply screwed in from below.  The southern pair needed new cleats created.

The battle of Pembroke Hill

The battle of Pembroke Hill

The battle of Pembroke Hill

Now, I need to go back and check the track gauge throughout.  It is unlikely to have stayed correct through all this bending.

The hill into the station

The battle of Pembroke Hill


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