Flattening out Pembroke

After all that work on #10, she can now stomp out of town with her passengers in tow.  Unfortunately,  when she gets back in to the station, the physics of backing back out of the station are too much for her, and she slips her drivers.

The real yard at Pembroke was on a gentle hill, following the grade of the Muskrat River  valley.  Back when I was building the benchwork, I finally noticed this and replicated it for the last few feet into the station.  That is the problem for #10.

I am at the end of modifications I can make to #10, and so, I have spent several days deciding what to do next.  I’ve reached the difficult conclusion to remove the hill.  The result will be that the station will look too high relative to the river, but I will be the only one who will ever notice (apart from you, now).

Of course, I stupidly built the grade so it won’t come apart.  Ever.  I know there are screws down through the roadbed into the benchwork, and every single joint is glued and screwed.  It’s going to be a bit of a battle, I’m afraid!


2 thoughts on “Flattening out Pembroke

  1. Send out for an old Euclid Belly Dump hopper truck. Perhaps a bit before your time. Possibly a few horses and drag scoops?

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