Before you can program a decoder…

Now that #10 seems to be running as well as I can make it mechanically, it’s time to stop running it under address 3.  Okay, where’s the programming track?

The truth is, there isn’t one yet.  Being in a bit of a rush to make things run, and because it’s a little inconvenient to access the electrical cabinet, I was confronted with a bit of a mess when I went to thread wire down behind the backdrop.  Indeed, I couldn’t really get at the hole.

Tidied up the wiring cabinet

Ugh, that’s not a recipe for success!  I spent a pleasant evening cleaning it up.  so now it looks like this.

Tidied up the wiring cabinet

Okay, there is a whole hobby within the hobby for people who like to make neat wiring.  I have enough interests, and don’t need to add another, but at least now it doesn’t look dangerous up there!

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