Cubicle-top Railroading

During the day, I manage a team of software developers.  It’s a role I really enjoy: not only do I get to work with my team on difficult technical problems, but I also get to help really creative people reach their own goals.

I’ve never kept my hobby a secret.  Even in high school, if anyone wanted to know, I would confess to being interested in model trains.  At work, it usually leaks out sometime shortly after the discussion about biking to work.

Like everyone else in the software industry, I’ve worked in quite a few places.  Every place.  Every place I’ve ever worked, as soon as folks find out I’m into model trains, they propose building a railroad on top of the cubicle walls (which have also been present in every place I’ve ever worked).  Nobody has ever done it.

Until now.  I present to you Darryl Hodgins’s cubicle-top railroad!

Darryl is no model railroader, but more of a maker.  So, the scenery is minimal, and the track is just set in place for now.  All the equipment and track was acquired through eBay.  The baseboards are MDF, cut and painted to match the cubicle walls.  Darryl has grand plans to build an empire that spans more than just his and Shino’s workstations.

Nice work so far, I say.


4 thoughts on “Cubicle-top Railroading

  1. Cubicle train seems to be a private site but I’ve been asked the same thing (right after “You cycle 17 miles to work?). I’ve since been locked in a closet – er, private office – where my direct interaction with those in cubicles is limited now and something I hate.

    Would love to see any pics. My live steam lives quietly on a shelf in my new office to break the ice.


    1. Wow, 17 miles is far. For about a year, I did 25 km (15.5 miles), and found that was a lot of riding. Now, it’s 15 km each way, which is about perfect – not too little and not too much.

      I’ll let Darryl know he should go public.

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