Problems with feedwater connections for power

#10 has split-frame power collection. This means I had a choice of locations to connect the decoder and pick up power.  To keep non-prototypical connections between engine and tender to a minimum, I decided to connect the tender electrically with the feedwater hoses.

On the engine, the pipes are solid wire, with tiny collars soldered on to represent the shut-off valve and the hose connection. Fine flexible wire represents the hose.

The joint between pipe and hose is soldered. I vividly recall the blue air that was generated while making these connections out in the middle of space, as the joint would alternately break or the pipe details would become unsoldered.

In the end I settled with the joint, but have always been concerned with its fragility and by the way solder appeared to have wicked up the wire, making it more solid than desired.

The solder finally gave way as I was reassembling the engine after chasing down a short in my new wires.  So now I am pondering what to do about it as I enjoy a little cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “Problems with feedwater connections for power

  1. Have you considered header pins? These are similar to the NMRA socket but I cut them into individual pieces. One plugs into the other so it make a nice nesting connection. You may have to give up on the angle cock 😦


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Neil!

      The header pins I’ve been able to find seem a little too big. However, I have previously found an IC socket that has pins about 1/2 the size of header pins. This works quite well for small connections. In this case, the location is too exposed even for one of those.

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