Andrew C Stadden Figures

While searching for a heavy crew to add to #10, I recalled that Andrew C Stadden had introduced HO scale figures into his line of pewter figures a couple of years ago.  A search through my email turned up his website.

Although they are not inexpensive, and the Loonie is in the dumps right now, I had a positive USD Paypal balance burning a hole in may pocket, and so, I decided to spend some of it on these figures.  None of them is right for a locomotive crew, but they look great on the website, and they’re right for my era.

The small packet from the UK arrived while we were in Disneyland this weekend, only a week after I ordered them.  Each pack contained five men and five women, chastely separated inside the package.

I ordered three sets, and I must say I am delighted.  These figures are little works of art!  They are cast in pewter with very very little flash.

All the people  are all in Pendon poses, which makes them easy to use on a layout, compared with the Pompeii poses you often get from, say, Preiser.  I can’t wait to paint some up and put them on the layout!  Wait, we need another layer layout to put them on first!

A C Stadden

7 thoughts on “Andrew C Stadden Figures

  1. Ever thought of making a set of crew and casting them in cerrobend? You mentioned wanting to learn to cast it for dome weight so…

    I know you enjoy drawing and at this scale most of what makes a figure is line. In the past when I made figures (4mm being about the smallest) I used polymer clay but they tend to lose detail during baking and be rather wobbly while carving unless you add internal supports (unlikely at this scale) or carve from one end to the other. If I were doing it today I might try machinable wax as a master that one gets from a jeweller’s supply house . It is hard enough and rigid enough that it might be workable just as a stick which you carve down from the head. Back in my school days I had a low-temp soldering iron converted for hot-knifing – implements bound to the end via copper wire – and it was workable for the jobs I did though not very safe.

    If you are interested maybe get a hold of Tom Mallard. I see he has made some figures for his locomotives.
    He might be willing to share his experiences.

    Andrew H

    1. Hi Andrew, yes I’ve been considering it, but probably not for this project. In fact, I was thinking I should write to Andrew Stadden and see if I could get some pointers. Thanks for the pointer to Tom Mallard. I reckon it would take years of practice to equal either of their talents. Cheers, Rene

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