Layouts within layouts?

Ken Catlin and I went over to help our friend, Scott Calvert, with his layout last week. While Ken and Scott focused on a two turn helix for the mainline, I worked on spline for the GN line down to Salmo. 

Scott added this line and the town of Salmo itself almost as an afterthought: originally, he’d planned a staging yard to represent the branch.  However, after seeing the peninsula shape up, he realized he could have a little scene there, and so, we’re working on that now. 

The branch is bigger than my whole layout.  Sure, Pembroke has four more turnouts and a turntable, where Salmo has only a siding and a house track. However, there is an additional 20 or more feet of branch line.  

This got me to thinking:  throughout North America, there are numerous monster layouts, even bigger than Scott’s,  under construction.  At the same time, there are innumerable modellers who have no room for a layout.    What if these two groups could get together, and allow those with time but no space to adopt sections of the monster layouts?  

Myself, I’ve always harboured a soft spot for the G.N.  It is tempting to take on a side project, like Salmo.  I’m sure Scott would be receptive to the idea.  

Must. Stay. Focused!

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