The knob killer

In response to my post, Time to kill the knob, the ever-insightful Trevor Marshall asked … but if we get rid of the knob, what do we replace it with? Are you thinking along the lines of a miniature backhead? I assume it would have to be something hand-held… Yes, exactly.  The knob killer will […]

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Time to kill the knob

Over on Mike Cougill’s excellent blog, he asked a few weeks ago I wonder, what sorts of hare brained ideas are we dismissing today, that we’ll take for granted tomorrow? What sacred cows are we clinging to that will soon be as antiquated as outside third rail power distribution? Naturally, he has us all thinking […]

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Debugging #10

It seems to be two steps forward, one step back on #10.  No sooner had I fixed the quartering issue that had popped up, than I discovered that the engine truck weight was dragging and catching on guard rails. After I resolved that, I triumphantly placed the engine on the track.  Where it sat.  Silently.  […]

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In situ quartering tool

I mentioned earlier that #10 was operating with a bit of a limp due to an out of quarter driver.  As it takes about 30-45 minutes to disassemble or reassemble the locomotive, and every time I risk breaking something or knocking paint off, I thought I’d have a go at quartering the driver without disassembling […]

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Cubicle-top Railroading

During the day, I manage a team of software developers.  It’s a role I really enjoy: not only do I get to work with my team on difficult technical problems, but I also get to help really creative people reach their own goals. I’ve never kept my hobby a secret.  Even in high school, if […]

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