Before you can program a decoder…

Now that #10 seems to be running as well as I can make it mechanically, it’s time to stop running it under address 3.  Okay, where’s the programming track? The truth is, there isn’t one yet.  Being in a bit of a rush to make things run, and because it’s a little inconvenient to access the electrical cabinet, I was confronted with a bit of … Continue reading Before you can program a decoder…

Time to kill the knob

Over on Mike Cougill’s excellent blog, he asked a few weeks ago I wonder, what sorts of hare brained ideas are we dismissing today, that we’ll take for granted tomorrow? What sacred cows are we clinging to that will soon be as antiquated as outside third rail power distribution? Naturally, he has us all thinking in terms of control just by the examples he gives.  … Continue reading Time to kill the knob

In situ quartering tool

I mentioned earlier that #10 was operating with a bit of a limp due to an out of quarter driver.  As it takes about 30-45 minutes to disassemble or reassemble the locomotive, and every time I risk breaking something or knocking paint off, I thought I’d have a go at quartering the driver without disassembling the engine. There is probably some rule against this, and … Continue reading In situ quartering tool

Feedwater power connection resolved

It took three tries, and there is still room for improvement, but I did manage to reconnect the tender electrically to the engine. Essentially, I made a very small connector, and soldered it to the end of the wire, then replaced the old wire completely.  The small connector is a piece of brass rod about .75 mm in diameter and length with a #68 hole … Continue reading Feedwater power connection resolved