The other Proto:87 layout?

This weekend, after soccer, we went down to Great Wolf Lodge for some kid-focused fun. On the way, we stopped in at Rocket Doughnuts in Bellingham and took them to Julian Watson’s house to share with his family.

Julian’s is the only other Proto:87 layout that I am aware of in North America. It was great to reconnect and see what he’s been up to.  He was hung up for a while on building a portable layout for display, but at Christmas he decided to fix it in place in his garage.  Hopefully that means he will race ahead now. Julian is a super modeller, and it would be great to see his models rolling!


2 thoughts on “The other Proto:87 layout?

  1. There was that Mario fellow (last name escapes me) who was building the Cascade Range Rwy or something along those lines. He had a blurb in MRP some years back where he was working on a test layout to be incorporated into a larger empire in the future. It seemed to have multiple switches and a locomotive which I think would qualify it. Going by ancient memory so YMMV. Good to see Julian pressing on.


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