Cricut – mirror experiment

In my last experiments with the Cricut, I found I could control the direction that the cutter takes by mirroring the panes in my N-scale windows.  Unfortunately, it seems that this knowledge does not make much of a difference in the cutter’s precision.

To test the theory, I cut 56 windows (224 mullions), spread evenly among standard non-mirrored cutting and .020″ and .015″ mullions.  I measured them while The Boy input the data into a spreadsheet for analysis.

The results are summarized in the tables below. All values are in .0001″.

As you can see, there is not much to choose between the two approaches. In the case of .020″ mullions, the control was actually tighter than the mirror, while in the .015″ mullions, the opposite occurred (I wish I could remember how to calculate statistical significance). The vertical mullions are generally better than the horizontal ones.

I may be able to improve the horizontal mullions by further calibrating the machine. However, that seems to be more related to calibrating the cutter to the printer for print and cut operations.


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