Cricut Installed

One of the challenges with getting computer equipment is where to put it.  So many devices have curvy corners and odd shapes and a need for odd footprints.  They all have wires that need to connect to something, even if it is only for power.  So, it was with glee that I found that the Cricut fit into a shelf under the layout that had been filled with tools and materials that belong elsewhere.  Not only does it fit, but it fits as if I made the shelf for it.  This helps with that goal to keep the layout/office/workshop area tidy and presentable.  I even drilled a few holes for the cables, and with an extra-long USB cable to link to the USB hub, it all works and looks perfect.

The Cricut comes with a carrying case, I suppose so that you can take it to scrapbooking jamborees.  I’m using it as a dust cover.  The cutting mat and some partially cut card are stored underneath the cutter.  There is space on the shelf for other supplies, but no box for them yet.


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