Cricutting Styrene

It took a fair amount of experimentation, gradually increasing pressure and number of passes, but I finally got my Cricut Explore to cut all the way through .010″ styrene.

With my regular blade, it takes 5 passes at 300 g pressure to cut through.  Members of the Facebook group say that it should take fewer cuts with a deep cut blade, and I will eventually invest in one of those.

My friend, Mark asked about making N scale mullions, and so I worked up some test windows.  They are supposed to have .020, .015 and .010″ mullions, but the mullions wind up thicker for some reason.  The thinnest here is about .018″.

Notice also that the horizontal mullions are thinner than the verticals.  They weren’t drawn that way!  I suspect this imprecision, along with the too-small window panes, are due to the off-centre knife technology.

Clearly, more experiments are warranted!


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