Thin motor leads for #10

Having removed the original decoder, I am now well and truly past the point of no return for rewiring #10.

I put the boiler back on temporarily to confirm that there is indeed space for my .0055″ leads to squeeze through.  I made up some test leads and threaded them through, and found that they do indeed appear to fit.

Rewiring #10's motor

Next I needed to allow a little more gluing space on one side of the flywheel, and so, I added .030″ of styrene to the flywheel bracket.

Rewiring #10's motor

Then, I built up the leads themselves in layers. First I glued down the bottom layer of tissue paper insulation. Then I made up the leads themselves, soldering 30 AWG silicone insulated wire to either end of the copper foil before installing it so as not to burn the insulation. Finally, I covered the foil with another layer of tissue paper.

Rewiring #10's motor

I’m going to leave installation for another evening. No sense in pressing my luck!

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