Thinner insulation for #10

As I mentioned, clearance inside #10’s boiler is very tight.  To route power to the far end of the boiler, I am going to try copper foil tape.  The stuff I found is .0025″ thick, but uninsulated.  As it’s going to stick to the sides of the motor/flywheel assembly, I need a thin layer of insulation under the tape (and on top in some places).

I tested a few alternatives on a scrap of brass.  My first thought was a layer of paint.  This turned out to be thinner than I can measure, but an inconsistent insulator. Here are the insulators I found:

Insulator Thickness
Electrician’s tape .0085″
Kapton tape .0025″
Tissue paper soaked in CA .002″
Tissue paper over CA .0015″

Evidently Kapton tape is available in .001″ thickness, but I don’t have any, and .0005″ is not worth the wait and extra expense.  I was surprised to find that the paper soaked in CA was thicker than that applied in a normal manner; possibly this is because when I applied the tissue paper to the CA, I smoothed and flattened the CA.


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