Testing the new decoder

It’s been a busy week for the Gourley household.  Between community association events, work and helping my friend Scott with his layout, I have been out every evening. That left scant energy for my own trains.  So this morning, while the kids were having their screen time, I carved out a little time to start putting #10 back together. I got as far as putting … Continue reading Testing the new decoder

Cricut – mirror experiment

In my last experiments with the Cricut, I found I could control the direction that the cutter takes by mirroring the panes in my N-scale windows.  Unfortunately, it seems that this knowledge does not make much of a difference in the cutter’s precision. To test the theory, I cut 56 windows (224 mullions), spread evenly among standard non-mirrored cutting and .020″ and .015″ mullions.  I … Continue reading Cricut – mirror experiment

Revisiting the Light Wash

Eighteen months ago, Andrew and I ran some experiments to see if I could improve the effect of light washing up the backdrop.  I was disappointed with the result, being too subtle to simulate sunrise or sunset.  I was pretty much ready to replace the RGB strips with a simple white strip. This week, I am travelling for business, and began wondering if I could … Continue reading Revisiting the Light Wash

Experiments with Precision Cricutting

Because my experiments getting my Cricut to cut N scale window mullions yielded mixed results, I did some experiments this evening to see if I could improve. Because my initial panes seemed to be undersized, I started by cutting some 1″ squares in card.  From Design Space, these turned out to be surprisingly accurate, and the actual size of a 1×1″ square is within a … Continue reading Experiments with Precision Cricutting