New throttle for Pembroke

Thanks to my friend, Brian Pate, who recently decommissioned his fabulous Klondike Mines Railway, I found myself in possession of a CVP ALR900 radio receiver and a clutch of T5000 throttles.   Having only one engine in steam, I passed most of the throttles over to another friend, Scott Calvert, and kept only one.

It has sat since October awaiting the completion of the turntable so I could install it.  Tonight was that night.

Following the instructions, I picked up a surface-mount jack at Rona today, and wired it into the throttle bus on my Lenz command station.  It booted up perfectly on the first try, and I was delighted to find that there was even a battery in the throttle.  I guess I spent 20 minutes wiring and the better part of an hour playing testing.

What a difference it is to not have to run back to the corner every time I want to change the direction or speed of the locomotive!  No more running onto the staging turntable and pulling the pins to cut the power.

Thanks once again, Brian.

3 thoughts on “New throttle for Pembroke

  1. Rene: I use the T5000 with my battery powered engines and on board receivers. No base unit necessary! Keith was at the Portland NTS and I had an opportunity to sit with him for a long time. We will be lost if he retired and CVP were to shut down. The new T3000 is supposed to be out soon and designed for casual users and no programming. I look forward to it.


    1. I am sure there will be a healthy market for these throttles for years to come. Myself, I am going to switch over to something like WiThrottle in the not too distant future, but more to say about that.

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