Inkscape and Cricut

As I mentioned yesterday, I was very happy that the first attempt to get something to cut with the Cricut was successful.  However, the Cricut Design Space program is pretty much useless for composing all but the simplest shapes, and so, I cast about for a free drawing program. I happened across Inkscape, which feels familiar enough to these old CorelDraw hands.  So, I downloaded and … Continue reading Inkscape and Cricut

Cricut – a new tool in the workshop

Happy Christmas to one and all!  I hope Santa was nice to you.  Here in North Vancouver, he didn’t disappoint: I found a Cricut Explore Air under our tree!  Well, actually not under the tree, per se, because it didn’t fit, but it was in the vicinity and it had my name on it. The Cricut is a home die-cutting machine, aimed at the craft … Continue reading Cricut – a new tool in the workshop

Tuning #10: the point of no return

Oh, boy, what am I doing? I’ve decided that #10 wants more weight.  If Pembroke were flat as a pool table, I could probably get away with it the way it is.  However, I wound up building the station tracks on a slight grade, as the prototype was.  The unfortunate result is that this little tea kettle struggles to take the passenger car out of … Continue reading Tuning #10: the point of no return

New throttle for Pembroke

Thanks to my friend, Brian Pate, who recently decommissioned his fabulous Klondike Mines Railway, I found myself in possession of a CVP ALR900 radio receiver and a clutch of T5000 throttles.   Having only one engine in steam, I passed most of the throttles over to another friend, Scott Calvert, and kept only one. It has sat since October awaiting the completion of the turntable so … Continue reading New throttle for Pembroke

Turntable operational at last!

It’s been eleven months and 76 blog posts, but Pembroke at last has an operational turntable!  It has been quite a journey, to say the least.  There is a step up onto the turntable on the side that had the great MDF debacle; I’m hoping it will not need shimming, but I will reserve judgement until I’ve driven over it many more times. Before I … Continue reading Turntable operational at last!