Turntable Crank

November is always a slow month for the trains in our house.  It’s getting close to Christmas, and for the past eleven years, I’ve given photobooks that summarize the past year of the kids’ lives to all our family.  I spend most of the month, therefore, editing and curating photos.

Anyway, this morning, while the kids were blowing through their allotment of screen time, I had a chance to make a little progress.  Now that the Vancouver Train Expo is done, I am going to install the turntable more permanently.  The connections to the fascia have never been completed due to getting ready for the train show and all the shenanigans that entailed.

In the fifty minutes of screen time (they get an hour, but I spent ten minutes making coffee), I managed to install the crank on the fascia, although it’s still not painted.  I decided to mount it on a square tube, which runs inside a round tube.  The tube is kept from pulling out by the nut that holds a grub screw, which in turn will engage with the end of the flexible shaft that drives the wheel.

It’s not the hours, but the minutes.

Turntable control

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