4-4-0 Engine truck designs

You can tell I’m getting excited about a project when I start planning for it before the previous project is even complete. Oh, this will make it difficult to keep momentum on the turntable. 

This weekend we were over to Nanaimo for dinner with family, and so, I couldn’t really make progress on the turntable anyway. Instead, I got out the old sketchbook and spent some time thinking about the other end of the next locomotive project. 

There are a couple of things I want to improve over CA #10. First of all, there is more friction than I would like in #10’s engine truck, and that means it is taking traction away from the drivers.  Secondly, power collection and transfer to the frame was a bit of an afterthought, and the wires that do it are more visible and less flexible than I would like. 

I think I will tackle the power feed by using a split-axle design again (that was successful), but design the kingpin to feed the power as well. 

Engine truck ideas

This means the truck bolster needs to be split by an insulating layer, and the solution I’ve come up with for that is to make the sideframes in two layers — one to enable equalization and the other to ensure squareness.

I am toying with the idea of capturing the wheels permanently on the engine truck. While the arrangement on #10 where a keeper plate poses as the bottom chord of the truck is successful, I think it may be simpler to make the trucks into a single piece. 

Engine truck ideas

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