A little scatter around the roundhouse

I’m getting ready to show the turntable at Vancouver Train Expo this weekend, and so, I spent some time between working on my presentation to glue down some more ballast, basically covering the board.

The gravel is my usual mix of light grey sanded grout and Pembroke dirt. The cinders are made from “Charcoal” sanded grout, mixed about 3:1 with the light grey grout. I included a sprinkling of Woodland Scenics fine cinders too, but they’ve mostly disappeared.

My theory on the cinders is that engines stop before entering the roundhouse and clean out their ash pans. They can do that here right before the roundhouse, or they may do it on the turntable lead. In either case, most of the cinders simply get spread around, and much of them are pushed down the hill into the river. The third track is a coal track, and it’s harder to push the wheelbarrow over the track to spread cinders in that direction. Buy it?

Weeds are starting to colonize the turntable pit, and escaping from the ditch. For now, these are nondescript Woodland Scenics coarse turf in Burnt Grass and Light Green.

Scenery at turntable

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