Details on roundhouse tracks

The end of Daylight Savings Time yielded another marathon session of modelling this year. The overlap with Hallowe’en meant that I didn’t get quite as early a start as other years, but the extra hour was put to good use.

Unfortunately, there is not much to show. I spent that hour – and a bunch of other hours in the past week – spiking the roundhouse rails. I’m still not finished, but I’ve completed at least one section of rail (33′) from the edge of the pit in every direction. I’m planning to take the turntable for Achievement Program judging at Vancouver Train Expo next weekend, and so, I want the roundhouse tracks to be complete at least to the end of the turntable.

I also installed all the joint bars on the module. There are some interesting ones at the Vs where adjacent tracks meet. I believe there should be a block of oak helping to maintain the rails at the proper angle there, and the bolts pass through half-joint bars and into the block of wood. The blocks will come after paint, but I installed the half-joint bars.

Just prior to installing these details at the edge of the pit, however, I noticed there was a bit of flux hanging out there. So, I got out some water and soap to wash it away. Then, I went back to spiking while it dried. Unfortunately, the water found its way into an unsealed edge of the MDF pit and the stuff swelled! Ack! I spent part of the day today excavating beneath those ties and sealing it up again. It’s all back together again, but there were some choice words uttered at 1 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time last night!

Pit rail and shore rail details

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