On Using Scale Spikes

By the time I had finished spiking the ties to the turntable, I had learned a few more things about spiking. So, I thought I would write them down in my book for future reference.

Using spikes

These are, of course, the excellent scale spikes available from the Proto:87 Stores. It sounds ridiculous to use scale spikes, but actually, by the time I’d gone the length of the turntable, I could no longer recall the regular non-scale spikes being much easier. While the scale spikes are obviously smaller, being made of stainless steel, they are very stiff, and being etched, they are dangerously sharp; these two traits make up for their miniscule size.

It seems to be that there is a rhythm to spiking, however, and some nights you can hit it. Other nights, every second spike seems to disappear into the ether.


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