Choices for manual turntable control

I got down to ReStore today to search for some options for turntable controls. This place is like an extended basement – boxes of stuff that people have saved from their renovations and donated. You can’t expect to find exactly what you need, but if you’re flexible, you might find something that will work for you.

For a dollar, I came away with two drawer pulls and a tap. I’m hoping the tap screams “turn me!” when it appears on the fascia, without looking like you should expect water or air to start flowing.

I’m deciding whether to use the two-finger or the round drawer pull to drive the locking pin. My initial thought was that the two-finger one doesn’t look as much like a drawer pull, but it doesn’t look like a lock either. Any preferences out there?

My plan is that all fascia hardware will be painted fascia colour so that they don’t look messy in the room. There will be minimal, low contrast labelling as well, and so, I want the knobs to intuit what they do.


2 thoughts on “Choices for manual turntable control

  1. How does the tap handle feel to turn? It looks cool but sitting here trying to imagine turning it I’m having a bit of trouble. It doesn’t look balanced. I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned the reduction but I’m guessing it takes a few turns (or more) to 180 the table. Is hand fatigue going to be a problem? These sorts of taps are not really for turning but levering. Then again maybe that sense of labour is to be a feature of the operating experience. Apart from ReStore, and fascia paint both of the knobs contrast with the tap appearance. My preference would be the round knob but it also looks like the end of a choke cable for a turnout. The round knob and the tap handle have a bat and ball thing going on.

    Andrew H

    1. Interesting thoughts, Andrew. It only takes about a dozen turns to go all around, so about six (it’s not an integer) to go 180; so I don’t think fatigue will be a big issue.

      With the turnouts being switch stand quadrants, there shouldn’t be any confusion. However, I should think about other controls like the water tower that are in the future.

      Bat and ball? You’ve not been watching the Jays have you?

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