Test fitting the turntable

Before I go and invest time in detailing the turntable, I thought I’d better do a test run. I’m glad I did, because as usual, it was two steps forward and one step back.

I had the drive wheel assembled, and was blithely rotating the turntable when I came up against something hard. Hmm. That wasn’t there before. The only new thing that could be bumping is the lock sockets. Eventually, I determined that the wheel drive’s shaft interferes with the lock sockets. I shortened it, and filled in the groove that it has left vacant so the bearing can’t wander off the end and go back to bumping the lock sockets. I’ll have to wait until some epoxy cures before I can do further testing. Hopefully this has resolved it because I can’t make the shaft much shorter, I think.

We’re three weeks from Vancouver Train Expo, and I plan to exhibit the project there. If the turntable is completed, I may even submit it for AP judging. So, I can’t have too many more two-step-forward-one-step-back evenings!


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