Pretty precise parts to lock turntable

To make the sockets and guide that enable the alignment pin to lock the turntable in each of the six positions, I fashioned a crude little mitre box from a piece of maple. Starting with a sacrifice socket, I figured out the correct length and angle, and cut that angle into the block of maple. Then I epoxied a stop, made from an angled piece of off-cut into the groove that holds the 5/32″ tube. The offcut not only kept the tube the right length, but it also helped to stop it from rotating.

Once the mitre box was made, it was such quick work to cut the sockets that I made a couple of extras in case I decide to make another track off the turntable one day. I’ll solder them to the turntable in some random positions so I can find them if I ever need them.

The pin guide, which will be fixed to the side of the lazy Susan, needed a plate to hold it in position. I found a fairly heavy scrap of brass (.032″?) in my scrap bin and soldered one of the longer pieces of tube to it. Then I drilled through the brass plate. Because all the pieces are mitred at the same time, they actually line up quite nicely.


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