Turntable passes the truck test

Just a quick post tonight, as it’s past pumpkin time. The remaining rails all went on without issues. Aligning the turntable by eye, I can send a truck through any of the three routes without issue. Reversing the turntable has the same outcome.

Pleasantly surprised for once.


3 thoughts on “Turntable passes the truck test

  1. That’s terrific!

    I’m glad to read things are working out.

    “The truck test” is one I always find so satisfying. There are times when I wonder, to myself, if all I ever need to keep doing is just build turnouts or like bits of track since I find myself so amused with rocking that piece of track back-and-forth in the air with a truck rolling through it. Simple pleasures eh?



    1. Thanks Chris. Yes it certainly is satisfying to see something I made actually work.
      Maybe if you like getting track to work you should get that onto your list for consideration in your scale and prototype choice deliberations. Release your inner rail weaver!

      1. That’s a good point about the addition to my index. I’ve been trying to work out a table similar to the one I shared earlier that is focused more on the “liveability” we were all talking about earlier – not so focused on the layout but on my relationship with it and the role it plays.

        Thanks for the suggestion. Another for the list.


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