Roundhouse rails proceeding according to plan

The cunning plan appears to be working, although like everything else on my model bench, slower than hoped! Still, I’m happy with the first stall, and the first rail on the second stall looks nicely lined up with both ends of the turntable.

I’m now positioning the second set of Vs, and you can see that the cunning plan to locate these is paying off. Where the first set of Vs were almost two full rail heads wide, this second one is little more than one. In the photo below, I’ve left the two rail heads intact for the overrun track, and you can see (?) that the turntable doesn’t line up with the next rail.

Track two to three

Now, maybe I could rotate the turntable one railhead-width counter-clockwise, but then I would have an even bigger bend in the roundhouse track to pass through the door and onto the timbers. This location lines up with a centerline drawn from the center of the turntable to the middle of one of the ties near the roundhouse door.


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