Turntable misalignment poses mystery

There are times when you should just put down the soldering iron for the night and take a breather. One of them is when you completely wreck something – clearly you’re not at your best, and it’s a good idea to quit before your frustration gets the better of you.

Another good time is when you don’t understand why a model is turning out the way it is. There’s usually a, simple explanation, but if you can’t figure it out, you’re likely to make a hash of the correction, which will quickly put you back in the first case anyway. So, better to quit while you’re ahead, and give yourself a little time to think about the problem. Perhaps over night, it will all become clear.

This is the case tonight. I only managed to fix one rail in place, and then I rotated the turntable 180 degrees and found that it doesn’t line up with the other end. But it should! The two ends of the turntable rails were glued down by fixing one of the lead rails, and mating the turntable rail to it.

I then mated the first roundhouse rail to the turntable rail that had mated to the lead rail. Both ends of the turntable mate nicely to that lead rail, so why don’t they both mate nicely with the roundhouse rail?

It’s most mysterious, and so, I’ve put my tools down. I was sorely tempted to shift the offending rail over to match the turntable, but doing so would simply make it miss the first turntable end. Better to sleep on it.


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