First rail is critical for Pembroke turntable

Tonight I finally started laying rail for the turntable. As with the staging yard turntable before it, the sequence of rails is carefully planned. Unlike last time, it’s only in my head — something I may regret.

Tonight I glued down one end of the turntable rails themselves, as well as the near rail of the turntable lead. Because the rails of adjacent tracks are meant to meet at a V, I will have to go around to the third roundhouse track before completing the second rail of the turntable lead.

Next, I will turn the turntable end for end, and glue down the near rail to match the one lead rail that I’ve glued down. Then I can gauge the second turntable rail from that. With both ends of the turntable fixed, I will be able to go on to the roundhouse tracks.

I don’t consider the rollout tracks to be critical; indeed, I don’t intend to ever use them, and they aren’t getting feeders. So they, along with the second rail of the lead will be completed after the roundhouse tracks.

The lead is straight for an engine length before it hits the turntable. The hope is that this will help keep any side forces to a minimum as the engine passes over the gap onto the table. Well, we shall see.


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