Joint bars at the limit of 3D printing

VanRail 2015 took up the whole weekend, and so, nothing much happened with Pembroke. I received a some test joint bars from Shapeways on the Friday. This made for some fun times as I handed them to people and made them guess what they were looking at. Packed together to minimize material usage, they look like some sort of grille or resistor bank.

Due to the minimum wall thickness requirement from Shapeways, they appear slightly proud of the head of the rail. I have found that this wasn’t a problem with previous hand-made joint bars, and I’m anticipating that it should be fine now too.

The main thing that I wanted was to differentiate between the bolt heads and the nuts. This came out okay, but I think it is right at the limit of what can be realized in Frosted Ultra Detail. In my era, all the nuts were on the outside of the rail, probably because the rail was so fine, but also possibly because they hadn’t realized that this lead to all the nuts getting sheared off in an accident, rather than only half.


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