Wood screws not to be trusted for Pembroke turntable realignment

Just once, I wish something would go easily!  I installed the turntable in its pit the other day, and the observant among you may have noticed something is not quite right with the vertical alignment.  It’s more than I can easily correct with sanding, but fortunately, the reason was easy to diagnose: the wheels were not all engaged with the ring rail.

“What?” You ask, “I thought we nailed that months ago.”

Me too.  Fortunately, I spent a few days doing other things, and I was eventually able to conclude the reason.  When I installed the pit into the baseboard, it was the first time all three layers – baseboard, pit and lazy Susan – had come together.  While I started with the screws passing through the pit, something became misaligned as they went through into the baseboard.  It only had to be off by about a third of a millimetre for the wheels to disengage from the rail.

Then while I was trying to see if I could push the lazy Susan over against the countersunk screws, the ring rail was able to exert enough force on one of the wheel bearings that it popped off!  It’s hard to tell in the photo above, but the reason the axle is silver is that it has come out of its bearing.

While waiting for the bond to set again, I found some round-head screws and some washers to replace the countersunk ones. Now I should be able to make fine adjustments to keep the lazy Susan centered relative to the rail.  Hopefully I don’t pop another bearing in the process.

New screws for adjustable alignment

Were I to tackle this project again, I would either use T nuts and machine screws to attach the lazy Susan to the pit, or I would screw the lazy Susan to the baseboard and pit permanently before installing the ring rail. The wood construction here has let me down.


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