Let a decorator choose the fascia colour?

I spent yesterday painting the garage.  At one point, I had a roller full of primer, and so, I went about the house looking for things that needed to be primed.  The fascia has been waiting for just such a moment since Andrew and I installed it seven months ago.

So, I quickly spread out some newspaper and a drop cloth (which proved necessary!) and splashed a little primer over the front of the layout.  Now I was committed, and I had to get the paint on as that white looked hideous.

Unfortunately, there has been a lip at the edge of the Muskrat River ever since the fascia was first installed.  This was stopping the whole operation.  I tackled it first with sandpaper – too slow, then with a Stanley Surform – didn’t work at all, and finally with the jigsaw – really loud but worked.  I finished up with sandpaper.

Fascia cleanup required

Two coats of Benjamin Moore CC-542 Willow later, and we have a nicer-looking layout edge, but I’m not altogether sold on the colour.  We had a decorator come in and help us decide what to do back when I was starting the whole basement renovation.  We have her to thank for the colour of the walls and floor.  I didn’t take her recommendation for the ceiling, but I like the walls and floor.

The cabinets and fascia upon which the layout sit were a bit of a head-scratcher for her.  Indeed, she had a hard time conceiving what a layout would look like.  But, in the end, I convinced her I needed a dark fascia, and Willow is what she came up with.

Unfortunately, we were all thinking that I would be using paint on the cabinets.  But it seemed a shame to cover all that nice wood.  So, when it came down to it, I used stain.  Perhaps I was matching the stain to the wrong colour chip, I don’t know.  I wouldn’t have chosen Red Mahogany if I were trying to match the umber-based Willow.

Well, what do you think?  Should I go back to Benny’s and see if they can recommend a colour that comes closer to the Red Mahogany base cabinets?


3 thoughts on “Let a decorator choose the fascia colour?

  1. I think it looks pretty good. It definitely needs to be dark though.

    I was just going to do our fascia black, I didn’t really give it much thought. Probably because it is only partly installed, only on one module where we’re working on a mountain.
    When I was there last weekend the old man reckoned a dark grey may be better than a black. Maybe go Gun Metal Grey? Not sure, Its at his house so maybe I’ll let him have a say. haha.

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