Soft Pastels for a Fun Mockup

I’m a little exhausted by the whole turntable gear fiasco. So, I thought I would relax this evening by mocking up the roundhouse.  I’m going to want a mockup to experiment with the doors, soon anyway, and I was originally thinking of only mocking up the front wall.  However, I needed a break, and so, I made the whole building.

The walls are foam core, but I had to look around for stuff with tooth.  Most of the material you can buy at Staples is too smooth for use with soft pastels; I bought mine from Opus. The roof is bristol board; I only had red on hand, but coloured it in with pastels too.

I spent most of the evening laying out the walls and cutting them out in one long strip.  I then drew black rectangles with my markers for the windows, and finally spent five minutes colouring and blending with soft pastels.  I shot everything with Krylon fixative before assembly.

I started the roof off oversize, and drew the footprint of the walls on the underside.  Then I glued the walls to the roof and trimmed the overhang by eye.

For a mockup, I think it looks pretty good.  That’s nice because it will probably take years to build the model at the rate at which I work!

All in all, it was exactly the diversion I needed.


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