Straight and even turntable ties

Here are the ties all Weldbonded to the turntable steelwork. I wonder how the real ones were affixed?  For sure, they were as straight and even as the workers at the time could make them.

To get mine evenly spaced and straight, I laid some double-sided tape on the cutting mat, along with a straight edge. The first tie was then laid perpendicular to and abutting the straight edge, using the lines on the cutting mat to judge perpendicular. I used .060″ styrene spacers between the ties, and every third or fourth tie I verified the alignment with the cutting mat.

Once I had all the ties taped to the cutting mat, I trimmed the ends that were not against the straight edge, and therefore a little ragged. Then I spread glue on the top of the steel-work, and plunked it down on top of them. After the glue dried, I lightly sanded all the ends.

The four long ties are there to support the push bars. Once the push bars have been installed, they will be trimmed. I also need to do something about the end ties, which must be concave to match the pit wall. But that is another day’s project.


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