Gears Kind of Work

I wrote two weeks ago about the difficulty with getting the gears driving this turntable to stay on the shafts without rotating. Thanks to all of you who responded with suggestions.

Ultimately, I decided to try pinning the gears to the shafts. I drilled through the gear collars and glued tiny pieces of .014″ wire into them. Voila, no more spinning! Then it just simply stalled, and no amount of cussing would make it move.

Looking at the assembly, I decided the next most obvious place where I could be wrong is the slip joint between the gear box and the turntable itself. This joint was formed by filing the end of the output shaft square so it fit into a piece of square-section tube. It was fairly snug, and I reasoned that if anything was not straight or centered, then I should encounter the sort of binding I am experiencing.

Tonight, I tested my theory by filing the output shaft some more. Now it is an easy fit, and I dare not file it further, but the binding is mostly gone. It’s still not what you’d call smooth, but it does work. I think I shall have to come up with another coupling idea that allows for even more variation between the two shafts.


3 thoughts on “Gears Kind of Work

  1. I still think a timing belt would work nicely in here. Mind you, you’d need a few extra pulleys to translate the rotation angle.

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