A Return to the Turntable Drive

A while back I wrote about the gearbox for driving the turntable.  This is based on some readily available gears from Tamiya.

Unfortunately, the Tamiya gears don’t seem to be made for the torque required to drive my mechanism.  This is surprising, because it doesn’t feel like a lot of torque, but when you go to drive the turntable, it stalls, and the gears spin on the shafts.  This might be because I never had the right size of axle, and reamed out the holes in the gears.  More likely, it is because the shafts are round and the gears are made of slippery acetal plastic.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now I am looking for some new gears, and hopefully a whole gearbox, so I don’t have to make another one.  Any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “A Return to the Turntable Drive

    1. No, I didn’t look at them. They’re on par with an industrial grade worm gear box on eBay. I would expect they may have the same problem as the Tamiya – gripping onto the shaft.

  1. Hi Rene’,
    Do the shafts need knurling? What is the shaft diameter? Out of curiosity what’s the Diametrical Pitch (DP) or module of the gears? Since they’re plastic it might be written on them.

    Andrew Hutchinson

    1. Actually I already tried drilling a pin through, which I thought would be guaranteed to work. But even then something is binding it up.

      I think the shafts are 3/32″.

  2. Meccano gears, maybe using keyed axles? There would be a degree of slop, but this will be true of any solution which does not involve an “anti-backlash” gearbox, and they are seriously expensive.

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