Totally Unacceptable!

There is nothing quite like a coat of primer to show you where all the blemishes on a model are.  I’d been trying to find time to get a coat of primer onto the turntable for several days, and Canada Day finally presented an opportunity some time between the parade and the fireworks.

I had thought (hoped?) that the model would be acceptable.  Indeed, I’ve been telling myself that it’s going to be hard to see, squeezed as it is between a layer of ties and the pit floor, sunken out of view. Unfortunately, when the primer dried (Games Workshop Chaos Black), I found all the blobs of CA that never sucked into the  gaps beneath the rivet strips.  Also, a couple of rivet strips were a little loose, clearly not doing their job holding to bridge together.

Improving turntable

My experience has been that if I don’t put the effort in, I later wish I had.  While if I do put the effort in, it is seldom wasted. This is why I added all those cross braces between the two girders. It is also why, with the children sleeping in the nice, cool train room, I found myself at the dinner table this evening with a 240-grit sanding stick and the CA. We’ll find out if I made much of a difference.

While I had the CA out, I also decided to add a little detail to the wheel assemblies. In Chaos Black, these appeared a little too plain, and I’d recently reviewed one of my research findings and noted that my trucks don’t look anything like the best photo I have of a real one. The real ones at Jamestown are mounted beneath built-up channels, making my efforts appear a little plain.

Improving turntable

I added a top and bottom to the channel with small pieces of styrene. These will have to be good enough, I think. After all, they’ll be hardly visible tucked into the shadows beneath the ties and buried in the turntable pit… oh dear.

Improving turntable


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