Turntable girders

I started on the cosmetic girders for the turntable a few weeks ago when I was away on business and couldn’t make progress on the main body anyway. I confess I didn’t make all that much progress in the hotel as there was too much to do during the day, and I spent most of my evenings working.

Well, it didn’t take too long to get the girders finished, and here they are. The photo appears under-exposed, but the white on white detail is awfully hard to photograph!

Turntable girders

These were very simple to make: the basic shapes were cut from .020″ styrene against a half-template so all four curves would match. Then, the .010x.040 T shapes were added, using a jig, again to keep all four copies the same. The spacing was measured from this photo of a similar-sized turntable, albeit a narrow gauge one.

The strips of rivets, representing the tops of the T’s or the sides of Ls, were then embossed in .005″ sheet the old fashioned way with rivets, then cut out and fixed between the T’s with CA. The arc-shaped strips were bent by cutting half-through in a couple of places. They are not truly curved, but it’s hard to tell.

Gluing the rivet strips was a tricky operation, and the way I found worked for me was to glue down one end with CA. Then once it had set, I applied CA beneath the rest of the strip and fixed it in place. I couldn’t get CA to wick into the joints without leaving a bunch around the joint. Mek-Pak dissolved the rivet strips.

Finally the top and bottom went on, completing these fun little pieces of modelling. Fortunately, the girders will be mostly hidden in the murk beneath the turntable ties, and so, the many errors will not have to big an impact.


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