On its wheels

I must admit I felt some trepidation when I went to add the wheel assemblies to the turntable this evening.  They were inherently unstable, and I couldn’t think of a way to clamp them so the glue would have time to dry.  I also haven’t come up with a way to pin them, which I […]


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Levelling the Turntable

My friend Scott Calvert invited me to an operating session on Thursday (check out his new website!).  Everyone (everyone!?) asked me how the turntable was coming along, and so, I guess it has been a while since the last update. The true story is that I have had a couple of killer weeks at work, […]

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Turntable girders

I started on the cosmetic girders for the turntable a few weeks ago when I was away on business and couldn’t make progress on the main body anyway. I confess I didn’t make all that much progress in the hotel as there was too much to do during the day, and I spent most of […]

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Two Down, Two to Go

[Note, I mis-published this to the wrong blog last weekend. I’ve since finished the remaining two wheels] Today I managed to assemble two of the four wheels for the turntable. I would have had all four, but two of the trucks broke before I could finish them. I considered throwing in the towel, but decided […]

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