Turntable Wheel Plan

It was a bit of a late start this evening, and all I had time for was some thinking about the turntable wheels. These are N-scale freight wheels with the flanges turned off. I had been thinking of using the needle bearings for one side, but couldn’t think how I would get the axles in if I did that. So, I rifled through my stock and came up with some 1 mm steel tube, which I can use as replacement axles. That makes it much simpler: merely make the carriages and drill through both sides.

I could have used CAD to figure out the angles, but it was quicker to simply draw it up 10x. So that is what I did. My plan is to simply epoxy these to the sides of the turntable bridge, which will be epoxied in turn to the bridge core.

Turntable wheel plan


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