Hotel Modelling – Turntable Sides

I’m attending training in Kingston for a few weeks, and because I checked my bag, I could bring some tools and glues on a business trip for the first time I can remember.  The goal for the three weeks is to find enough time to complete the cosmetic parts for the turntable, and while I didn’t make much progress in week one, a trip up to the Ottawa Train Expo this weekend has inspired me to carve out a little time where I can for some modelling.

So far, I’ve roughed in the sides. I have a whole load of rivet strips already embossed and ready to go, and so I’m hopeful that I could finish these two parts before the weekend. Here is how they look so far.

Turntable parts

I believe this is the first real modelling I’ve done since I started taking the basement apart, almost four years ago. The skills are a little rusty, but still there somewhere!

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