More excavation in the turntable pit

It turns out that the smallest nice lazy susan base that Lee Valley sells is still 9″ in diameter. That’s about 65′ in HO scale, or about 15′ bigger than my turntable. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought this far ahead when making the original allowance for the pit, and so, I had carelessly made too small a hole and parked a couple of pieces of frame next to it!


Oh, and the roadbed kind of encroaches on the hole too. Now the roadbed might be okay if I can always put the turntable in from beneath, but if it turns out that I can’t, well, I’ll wish I had options. May as well make a mess once.

So, out came the jigsaw and the trusty router, and I made more noise than is probably allowed at ten o’clock at night. I must have woken someone up, because I heard footsteps about half-way through the routing. They slept through the midnight jack hammering when I moved the bathroom, I don’t know why 15 minutes with the router should be such a problem! Anyway, it didn’t take long; cleaning up the mess it left in the “office” took longer.


When the dust had settled, I had a much more generous hole, into which the turntable fits with room to spare (or adjust). I spent more time cleaning than I did cutting.



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