Driving the turntable – the plan

Sadly our guests just left, leaving us to ourselves and returning to progress on the turntable. I had decided that I need to sort out the drive system before going much further with construction. At first I thought I would get a worm gearbox from Lego. Unfortunately, they don’t have the right pieces on their pick-a-brick section of the website right now, and so, I would have had to buy a whole set to get a worm gearbox. Well, that seems a little silly.

So, instead I set out to see if one of the local hobby shops had a solution for me. It didn’t take long: Mr Hobby, which is only about 1.5 km from my home came through for me, as they so often do. This is a little shop, mostly focused on radio control and plastic modelling. They have a small model train section, but like every other hobby store, their selection of Canada Atlantic stuff is pretty slim!  However, the owners are very friendly, and they have a fair selection of K&S metal shapes and other things I seem to go through.

I suspect this gearbox has been on their shelf near the front window for some time, as the package is very faded. It says it will go down to 1:126, which would be a lot of cranking by hand. However, the worm gear itself is only 36 teeth, which is about right. This way, reversing direction is only eighteen turns of the wheel – enough to count, but not so many as to be a nuisance.



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