Shaking down the Boundary Sub

My friend Scott invited a bunch of us over today for an informal operating session. This was the first session on the new Boundary Sub.  I’ve been helping Scott out with construction occasionally for many years, and it was great to finally see trains running.  There are some important lessons from Scott’s first session. Perhaps the most important was about expectation-setting.  Even though the first … Continue reading Shaking down the Boundary Sub

The new photo studio

Years ago, when visiting Jack Burgess, I noted that he had what appeared to be a permanent setup for taking model photos. Right behind his modelling desk, there was a backdrop, lights and camera on a tripod, all ready to go for shooting top-quality in-progress photos. No dirty, paint-stained cutting mat background for him! “Kalmbach,” he said, “is really fussy about photos.” Indeed, any model … Continue reading The new photo studio

More excavation in the turntable pit

It turns out that the smallest nice lazy susan base that Lee Valley sells is still 9″ in diameter. That’s about 65′ in HO scale, or about 15′ bigger than my turntable. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought this far ahead when making the original allowance for the pit, and so, I had carelessly made too small a hole and parked a couple of pieces of frame … Continue reading More excavation in the turntable pit