Laying out the house tracks

I had hoped to make a bunch of progress on the roundhouse tonight, but unfortunately, the Boy and I wound up talking about Bill C-51, and I had to promise to actually read the whole thing before he could relax and go to bed. Every Canadian should read it, along with the existing provisions in the Criminal Code and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act.

So, I didn’t get started on the trains until 11:30, just enough time to tape down some rails so I could figure out where the center lines for the house tracks go. This is trickier than normal because adjacent house tracks need to meet at the pit edge.


It nicely matched the rough lines I drew based on the SketchUp drawing, even though the rails in the drawing were lines of zero width. So, I took the rails off and finalized the center lines. It doesn’t look like I’m going to get the bridge in before the end of the month, though.


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