Last piece of fascia

One of the nice things about a small layout is that you only get to do two blog posts about many things and then they’re done.  Tonight, Andrew gave me a hand with the last piece of fascia.  There are, of course, only five pieces, but tonight’s piece was by far the most complicated.

As I mentioned, the thin north end of the layout had developed a sag, which is only going to get worse. So, Andrew dropped off a steel L girder to help me strengthen it. Clamped in place, we still have a very slight sag – perhaps 1/16″ deflection.


The fascia is 1/4″ masonite, and the steel is 1/8″ thick. So, we had to route out a rebate in the rear of the fascia to allow for it. We also routed the bent part to half its thickness so it could actually bend through its S-curve. We also routed a second piece of masonite to half-thickness to fit into this second rebate.

Before screwing it all together we broke for some delicious Bienenstich from Breka down on Davie. After the cake, the pieces all fit together remarkably well, and on the first try too!  I especially like the curved section where the benchwork gets wider to allow for the workbench beneath.



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