Turntable Wiring

Some things I can visualize in my head.  I can come up with a remarkably detailed construction plan on the way home on my bike.  I can conceive an image and sketch it when a pen and paper are handy.  Wiring, it turns out, is not like that.

So it was that I was carrying around all sorts of ideas about how to wire those V-shaped house tracks.  I had been thinking there would be wipers picking up from the underside of the turntable, switching their polarity so that they would work whenever the bridge was aligned for the track.  Because the bridge itself needs to switch polarity, there would be a reversing circuit mounted on the underside of the turntable too…

It seemed to work in my head, but it turns out it is much simpler than that.


When I started to sketch out the idea, to explore it and ensure it worked, or at least to design the gaps in the circuit board, I soon discovered that I was wasting my time. It turns out that the V’s don’t need to switch polarity. In fact, they don’t even need to be gapped. The only trick is that the middle track will be wired backward – black on the near track, and white on the back.

The sketching process definitely paid dividends tonight!


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