Getting the Turntable Ends Right

I want to solder the ends of the turntable rails so they line up nicely with the shore tracks and stay that way. At the same time, I don’t especially want to use a PC board tie at the end of the turntable because I would like the first tie to look like wood. Not only that, but every joint I make will add to the vertical imprecision.

So, I’m considering a more complex shape for the structural flanges – a shape that connects the rails directly to the structural members of the bridge. This creates another cosmetic challenge around the first tie, but at least the rail should be fixed in place.


I feel I’m messing with convention by trying to fix the ends of the rails vertically.  It seems the most successful turntables allow their ends to float, supported by the wheels on the ring rail.  However, I strongly doubt my ability to make robust, well-aligned dolly wheels to support the ends.  Also, the floating scheme requires some running clearance between the bridge and the central pivot block, which drives the turntable.  Running clearance means in turn that the turntable ends will not line up precisely.

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