Concepts for Pembroke Roundhouse

It’s really inconvenient to run all the way down to Golden Lake, the other end of staging (12 feet away) to turn the engine, and so, I’m starting to turn my attention to the Pembroke turntable.

One of the first things I need to figure out is the spacing of tracks for the roundhouse, and that required mocking up the structure. From the little information we have – a few photographs and no drawings – I conclude that the doors are probably 14′ wide, and separated by about 5′. This makes for a more spacious roundhouse than I had anticipated. I mocked up a couple of versions in Sketchup.


If the engine house is an engine-length away from the edge of the turntable, it comes out over 14 real inches wide at the back end. By moving it away by another half-engine, it becomes a reasonable 11.5″ wide. I’m not going to pull it out that far as I discovered I wind up with sharp points where the rails meet the pit wall. So, somewhere in between seems about right.

Either way, because of the way the lead approaches the turntable, there is no way we’re centered: the straight-through track is the one closest to the main. Also, those 5′ spaces between doors mean that there isn’t enough space for the whole near wall. I think even with the wide version I get the full track length, but the building will be cut off at the edge of the layout. I hadn’t planned for a detailed interior, but it seems it’s going to be required!


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